API Docs for: 0.1.0

File: src\Foreground.js

 @module L.PtvLayer
L.PtvLayer = L.PtvLayer || {};

 Provides the PTV Foreground Layer class.
 @class L.PtvLayer.Foreground
 @extends L.PtvLayer.AbstractLayer
 @params {XMapClient} client XMapClient object
 @params {Object} options The options object
 @params {String} [options.format] The image format used in tile requests.
 @params {String} [options.beforeSend] Function to be called before sending the request with the request object given as first parameter. The (modified) request object must be returned.
L.PtvLayer.Foreground = L.PtvLayer.AbstractOverlay.extend({
  initialize: function(client, options) {
    L.PtvLayer.AbstractOverlay.prototype.initialize.call(this, client, options);

  _getRequestObject: function() {
    var req = L.PtvLayer.AbstractOverlay.prototype._getRequestObject.call(this);

    if(this.options.language) {
      req.mapParams.language = this.options.language;
    req.callerContext.properties[0].value = "ajax-fg";
    req.callerContext.properties[1].value = "PTV_MERCATOR";

    return req;

L.PtvLayer.foreground = function(client, options) {
  return new L.PtvLayer.Foreground(client, options);